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Financial Technology for Merchants

How we can help merchants

For Merchants

Elevate your business with our innovative digital financial solutions. Make paying easy and secure for your customers. Quickly integrate financial products into your platform with API connectivity. We will help you deliver a seamless customer experience with compatible technologies.

Solutions for Merchants

Want to offer your users a seamless payment experience and multiple payment methods for e-commerce payments?

Let your users pay online easily with Paytool, our payment gateway solution for ecommerce transactions that supports multiple one-time payment methods such as Apple Pay & Google Pay

Searching for ways to engage with your existing customers and attract new ones?

Check out our ready-to-use mobile application for IOS and Android to build higher brand loyalty through frequent interactions with end users

Looking for a smart way to provide refunds or gift cards to your customers in the most convenient way for them?

Simplify the refund process with digital card issuing solutions and enable your customers to receive instant compensation by transferring funds directly to their Mastercard cards

Our Clients

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Digitized customer experience & growth
Enhance Customer Satisfaction & Boost Sales!
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