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Money Transfers

Enable instant money transfers in your app

Instant Money Transfers - Card to Card & Account to Card

We allow your users to send and receive funds using Mastercard and Visa cards, generating new streams of revenue for your business. Our platform is already integrated with Mastercard Send and Visa Direct to let you activate cross-border payments with ease. There are several options available: send, request or receive funds from your card, or from your wallet account directly to your bank's card. Domestic and international money transfers have never been easier. Partner with us and transform the way your customers send and receive funds!

*Verestro SA does not offer a payment service of money remittance. Access to such a service is possible through cooperation with a licensed partner. 


Basic Data

Delivery model



White Label Mobile App



Time to go live

3-5 months

Certification & Licenses

Certified SDK: security & functional

PCI DSS environments



Developer Zone
Implementation Steps
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Enabling Your Use Case


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Simplify Domestic

& Cross-Border Money Transfers!

Go borderless with Verestro

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