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Financial Technology for Insurtech

How we can help insurance companies

For Insurtech

Gain new revenue streams and attract more customers thanks to Embedded Finance. Our cutting-edge fintech products and modular approach will enhance your offerings and drive your growth. Provide seamless and personalized digital customer experiences without investing in your own infrastructure.

Solutions for Insurtech

Facing challenges in efficiently processing claims and compensating policyholders?

Streamline claims disbursement processes by quickly issuing Mastercard co-branded cards to transfer funds instantly, providing policyholders with faster access to their claim payouts

Need to enhance customer engagement and foster brand loyalty to retain existing policyholders and attract new ones?

Use your branded business cards as part of your customer loyalty programs, and reward policyholders with gift cards for referrals or participation in wellness programs

Looking for ways to differentiate your business in a competitive market?

Give your users a convenient and secure payment experience and foster stronger relationships with policyholders with Verestro’s white label app under your own branding

Our Clients

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New streams of revenue & customer satisfaction
Expand Your Services.
Experience the Difference!
Gain easy access to unparalleled fintech solutions and expertise
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