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Remessa Online Live with Card Issuing & Card Tokenization from Verestro

Updated: Apr 30

We’re excited to announce that Remessa Online implemented Verestro’s card issuing solution! Remessa launched its Global Account at the beginning of 2024. The new product is designed to make international travel easier for Remessa’s customers.

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Verestro Card Issuing for Remessa Online

Successful Card Issuing and Tokenization

Remessa Online implemented Verestro’s card issuing and card tokenization solutions at the beginning of 2024. The deployment aimed to streamline international expenses for Remessa's customers.

Remessa Online is the first independent platform for international transfers in Brazil, breaking down financial borders by connecting people and companies with the world, making sending and receiving money abroad simple, transparent and with fair rates.

Benefits of Deploying Verestro's Financial Technology

What did the Verestro financial technology solution bring to Remessa? The project included Verestro’s card issuing and token management with manual provisioning.

Thanks to collaboration with us, Remessa started issuing EUR cards, which is an important differentiating feature that other global accounts in Brazil lack. Additionally, our integration enabled provisioning of digitally issued cards to mobile wallets: Google Pay and Apple Pay

The added value for Remessa was to be able to offer the first Euro account in Brazil. USD accounts are the most prevalent, so being able to offer their clients an account that can be used in Europe is a big competitive advantage.

Satisfied Client - Satisfied Us

As Europe is a common destination for Brazilians to travel, study or even immigrate to, it shows how impactful the new offering can be. Remessa also offers the lowest currency conversion fees of all the platforms, so it's already a familiar tool for most Brazilians who have sent or received money before.

We are proud of the successful implementation and wish Remessa Online huge revenue growth and customer satisfaction!


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