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Financial Technology for Fintechs

How we can help fintechs

For Fintechs

Get easy access to our comprehensive suite of fintech products. We empower fintechs to differentiate themselves, expand their reach, and achieve sustainable growth. Discover our One Stop Shop for Fintechs and benefit from a single integration with the Verestro Fintech-as-a-Service platform.

Solutions for Fintechs

Want to add card issuing to your value proposition, but lack the resources and knowledge to manage the card business?

Choose Verestro as your partner! We'll enable the end-to-end card issuing and management set up for you in 3 months with a minimum cost

Need to adapt to demanding customer needs? The fintech market is fast growing and you need a competitive advantage

Easily embed Verestro’s financial technology features into your platform and make it easier for your customers to access financial services

How to ensure accessibility while effectively safeguarding against threats in order to build trust within the market?

Rely on our PCI DSS compliant FaaS platform, KYC procedures, and other strict security standards

Our Clients

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Increased sales & stronger brand
Grow with Us! Unlock New Revenue Streams and Nurture Loyalty!
Contact us to craft your success story
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