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Card Issuing & IBANs

Quickly issue payment cards & get IBANs

Card Issuing & IBAN Sponsorship

Our Card Issuing Platform enables seamless issuing of virtual and plastic cards along with many additional services like IBAN management. Whether you charge your customers or issue your cards for free, we support full user and card lifecycle management, including KYC, balance and limit settings. Our card issuing solution includes the technology, and all necessary payment licenses with BIN sponsorship are provided by our partner payment institutions. Enjoy easy-to-use API features that simplify your business processes and increase your revenue!

*Verestro SA does not provide a card issuing payment service. Access to such a service is possible through cooperation with a licensed partner. 

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Basic Data

Delivery model



White Label Mobile App



Time to go live

3-5 months

Certification & Licenses

Mastercard Principal Member issuing license  for our partner

Certified SDK: security & functional

PCI DSS environments



Developer Zone
Implementation Steps
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Enabling Your Use Case


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Issue Cards Instantly and Take Control of Your Card Program!

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