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Financial Technology for Lendtech

How we can help lending companies

For Lendtech

Generate new revenue streams and increase customer loyalty! We can help you develop a payment application for managing business finances. Let your users quickly apply for a credit limit and easily pay online and offline. Your own digital wallet will give them instant access to extra funds, financial insight, and the ability to make fast money transfers.

Solutions for Lendtech

Integrating new technologies into existing systems can be complex and may require significant resources, e.g. credit transfer solutions?

Quickly implement a ready-made white label wallet, card issuing & loan payouts at an affordable price and without the need to invest in costly infrastructure changes

Attracting new customers and retaining existing ones is a real challenge? Building a strong brand and reputation is essential

Choose our white label solution and improve your customer experience! KYC and virtual cards will make your users return to your application. Also some additional features attached to created cards can be interesting for users

Need to invest in robust fraud detection and prevention to protect you and your customers?

Quickly issue payment cards and easily track customer behavior and credit spending on our platform. Set flexible card limits and protect your users from fraud

Our Clients

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Fully digitized customer experience
Elevate Your Business with Us. Increase Customer Loyalty & Sales!
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