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How to Start Issuing Cards to Users - Your Checklist

Want to issue cards to your users? Check out what you need to implement such a feature in your application/platform.

Whether you're a fintech company, crypto wallet provider, lendtech platform, or any other business with a dedicated user base, offering payment cards can be a game changer. It increases revenue, boosts user loyalty, and enhances the overall experience. But before you dive in, there are crucial steps to consider.

Your Card Issuing Program Checklist:

Card issued in a banking application

Your Card Issuing Program Checklist:

1. Define Your Card Use Cases

  • Clearly outline the user journey for your card program. How will users interact with the cards in your app?

  • Develop initial diagrams for key processes, including: - User onboarding process - Know Your Customer (KYC) steps - Card generation and activation - Card management tools within your app - Transaction flows (payments, balance checks, etc.)

  • Utilize developer resources to ensure smooth integration with the chosen card issuing platform.

2. Choose the Right Card Issuing Partner

  • Check if the partner has the functionality you need, is legally compliant, and offers the flexibility to adapt to your specific needs.

  • Find out more about the partner's financial stability.

3. Navigate the Regulatory Landscape

  • Can you comply with KYC requirements in your target market?

  • How will you collect and store user data securely?

  • Verifying user identities with selfies and document photos is often mandatory.

  • Certain partnerships may require a European entity.

4. Optimize API Integration

  • Explore the available APIs (Application Programming Interfaces) or SDKs (Software Development Kits) within the Developer Zone provided by your card issuing partner.

  • SDKs can help you avoid PCI DSS audits and associated costs, especially for large user bases.

5. Conduct a Profit and Loss Analysis

  • Carefully consider the potential revenue streams from card issuance alongside the associated costs. Unit economics are crucial (cost per user, cost per card, etc.).

  • Utilize available resources from your chosen partner or industry publications to explore these aspects.

  • Remember, affordability is key. Focus on finding a partner with low unit economics, particularly cost per card and cost per transaction.

  • Revenue sharing from interchange fees and currency conversions is also important.

By thoroughly addressing the above points, you'll be well-positioned to launch a successful card issuing program. Partnering with an experienced provider can offer invaluable guidance and expertise. Leverage their knowledge of various markets and regulations to ensure a smooth rollout.

Ready to Get Started with Card Issuing?

Don't hesitate to contact Verestro! We can offer personalized advice to help you build the best possible card program for your specific needs. With extensive experience across over 30 countries, we're here to support you every step of the way.


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